Perfectly Preserved Podcast Ep 8 - Save time with Steam Canning

Steam canning is a method of water bath canning but by means of a steam canning. While I personally haven’t used a steam canner or own one myself, I think Jenny has brought me around to the idea!


Steam canning:

  • Reapproved in 2015 by Wisconsin and Utah state cooperative extensions
  • Like a sauna for your jars if the water bath is a hot tub
  • Same recipes as water bath/high acid recipes only
  • Who is it not good for?
    • Over 4000ish feet the processing time is limited- max run time of 45 minutes
    • Quarts of longer process foods
  • Why it is great
    • No waiting for the second batch water to boil- 20+ minutes saved each time 
    • No heavy pot to lift/empty-safer
    • No locking lid, very lightweight

Ready to start saving time by steam canning? Check out Smith and Edwards online store to order one! 

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