Perfectly Preserved Podcast Ep 13 - Interview with Melanie Jewkes

In today’s episode we interview Melanie Jewkes, Extension Professor with Utah State University. She is a wealth of knowledge and has been in her position for over a decade. She enjoys preserving, sharing up to date information with others, and was so gracious to join us for an episode. 

Melanie helps set up spring and summer webinars where people can learn before canning season more up to date canning information. She helps run the Master Food Preserver program as well. 

In her role at USU, she helps field hundreds of canning related questions yearly and she says the biggest issue facing new canners is not realizing that there’s a science behind preservation and canning and not knowing that there’s a safe way to preserve. 

We discussed what to do if a cooperative extension office isn’t near you and how pH meters are used both correctly and incorrectly at home. 

We hope to have Melanie back on the show soon; thanks, Melanie!

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