Perfectly Preserved Podcast Ep 50 - Happy 50th Episode!!!! Canning mistakes we've made and some mistakes influencers have made

I can't believe that we are on our 50TH episode! It's been such a fun ride with Jenny, and I can't wait to do another 50 episodes. In this episode we discuss mistakes we've made ( open kettle method GASP!) and mistakes that have made the news.

Preserving food is a science that changes a bit as well know more and have better technology to test products. Botulism being the number one concern is why we teach safe practices. When Jenny and I see people that are chefs or social media influencers sharing unsafe practices we cringe and try to encourage others to be more discerning. Some of the things that you may see include water bath canning low acid foods (Brad Leonne water bath canning seafood!), scooping mold off of a commercial jam (Jessica Koslow of Sqirl restaurant). Read about them HERE

As always, to err is human, but try your best to do things safely. You're worth it!

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