Perfectly Preserved Podcast Ep 5 - The Best Canning Recipes for Beginners

When you're first starting out in preserving it's hard to know where to begin or which recipes may be tricky.

Join us as we break down some of our easiest, most foolproof recipes to begin with. The raspberry jam recipe that is recommended in the podcast can be found here.

Another easy recipe for beginners is applesauce. Not only are apples inexpensive when picked or bought in season, but they can be cored and cooked in a crock pot with simple ingredients and then later, run through the food mill. 

I mention pickles in this episode because it can be so cost effective and easy to make homemade pickles. My family is OBSESSED with pickles and we absolutely could eat our weight in them if given the chance! The recipe I use is in my Pickled Veggies mini course here.

Not as easy are peaches. Peaches can lose their natural pectin rather quickly when over ripe, they are prone to siphoning when canned in halves, and can float. Fruit float is something that is harmless, a little unsightly, but sometimes causes new canners to panic. 

Also more difficult for new canners are recipes like salsa. This is because of the time it takes to cut and prepare the various ingredients, and because a new canner may not know that a tomato recipe needs the addition of an acidifying ingredient like citric acid. Learn more about this in Episode 3.


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