Perfectly Preserved Podcast Ep 48 - How to make quick pickles that are crispy and delicious

Have you heard of refrigerator pickles or quick pickles before? A quick pickle is adding a vegetable or eggs into a pickling brine and place in your fridge to marinate. These pickled items can be ready to eat 4 hrs to a week later depending on how thick the item is. For example pickled red onions that you may see in a taqueria are fairly thinly sliced and take only about 4 hrs to be ready for tacos. Items like pickled beets or whole cucumbers in brine will take much longer, up to 1-3 weeks. 

Here's some great pickled eggs recipe from the National Center for Home Food Preservation. BTW, if you have a question about the most up to date home canning information you should ALWAYS be checking here first. 

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