Perfectly Preserved Podcast Ep 37 - Parts of a Pressure Canner

In this episode we talk about the different parts of a pressure canner so that you can feel COMFORTABLE with it. There's no reason to let fear stop you from getting into pressure canning.

Once you get comfortable with the parts of the pressure canner and what sounds you can expect (the dreaded shooshing sound!).

During the episode we talk about an experience where my All American pressure canner was making a high pitched whistling sound, like a deafening sound. I turned off the heat and moved the pressure canner off the heat.

I contacted the manufacturer and they gave me some great advice - to clean out the vent pipe. See, I have hard water and there was a small buildup that was causing the steam to whistle as it was coming out. A quick clean out with a toothpick and I was back in business!

This and more is included in this episode. What did we miss? Let us know!

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