Perfectly Preserved Podcast Ep 23 - Canning Courses

In today’s episode, we wanted to tell you about canning courses that you can purchase to take your canning to the next level. Jenny and I both teach video canning courses from our websites and at the end, we will share a special coupon code for the courses just for our podcast listeners. 

Let me tell you about my courses hosted on

I teaches a Basics Canning Course which includes water bath canning (fruit, tomatoes, etc) and dehydrating. I also teach an Advanced Course which covers pressure canning (!), garden and pantry planning, and seed saving. These are very thorough video courses that will take your canning to the next level. 

 At Jenny has a free canning basics course that you can take to get the very basics down or to refresh what you might have known long ago but what I am most excited to share is my Steam Canning Course.

It is a video course that shows you exactly how to use a steam canner, how to know if a steam canner is right for you, and how to maximize its time saving power. This is a video course, so I’ll walk you through the whole process of making a batch of jam using a steam canner. You’ll be able to use what you learn to preserve any water bath canning recipe 20+ minutes faster than traditional water bath canning. This isn’t an ideal course if you live above 5000+ feet elevation as you’ll be limited on the number of recipes you can preserve because of process time limits but it is especially ideal if you’re living alternatively (tiny space or solar power, etc) or are just wanting to can faster. Steam canning is ideal for canning with Weck jars (check out episode 22 for all about beautiful Weck jars) too. In the course you’ll get the Steam Canning for Beginners ebook as well (you can purchase that separately if you’re not ready for a video course just yet). Definitely check out my Steam Canning Video course for canning the fastest way!

Use code: POD25 to get 25% off any course or ebook at and at 

With video courses you have forever access which means you can go back and re-watch as many times as you like. 

Other courses we recommend: Local cooperative extension classes- web and in person - are affordable and taught by master preservers. They usually have a hands on component so you can learn during the class. We strongly recommend these courses as well.

Don’t fall for a YouTube or social media video that has the disclaimer, “my kitchen, my rules” which is a sure signal that the methods demonstrated aren’t tested. Tested canning ensures safe and high quality (not mush!) food that you can feel confident preserving and your recipients will be glad to receive (rather than secretly dump). Seek our master preservers or folks who have taken some cooperative extension courses, or at least who follow trusted books (like the ones in our canning books episode!) such as the Ball Blue Book of Preserving and the So Easy to Preserve book. 

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