Perfectly Preserved Podcast Ep 22 - Our experience with Weck jars

We were absolutely blown away with the quality, presentation, and ease of use in using Weck jars for canning food. Jenny and I had never used Weck jars for preserving food before and were a bit skeptical that we would like them as much as our trusty Ball/Kerr jars and lids. Read on and listen to the episode about our experience with Weck jars.

At the end of the episode you'll see a giveaway with Weck that we are doing. If you follow, @smarthomecanning, @weckjars, and @thedomesticwildflower on IG and screenshot a review of the podcast and send it to us via DM you can be entered to win 6 1/4L Mold jars and 6 1/2L Mold jars from Weck shipped directly to you! 

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