Perfectly Preserved Podcast Ep 19 - Fermenting with guest Stephanie Thurow

On today’s episode we have master food preserver Stephanie Thurow, author of several books on fermenting as our guest. She blogs at Minnesota From Scratch, you can buy her books here

Fermentation is in some ways the art counterpoint to the science of canning. Fermentation is “done” on X day, rather than Y minute in canning. Fermentation uses the wild bacteria in the air on on veggies to make them easier to digest, to save money, and to recall fermented foods of yesteryear. It extends the life of fruits and veggies far beyond their natural shelf life. Fermentation uses simple tools and is an easy practice to begin today. 

I liked the tip to fill your old crock with water to see if there are any cracks before you wash and use. Great tip Stephanie!

Listen to the episode for step by step directions for how to get started making sauerkraut, common mistakes to avoid, and more! 

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