Perfectly Preserved Podcast Ep 18 - Our Holiday Food Traditions

In this episode, Jenny and I share some beloved holiday food traditions. Food and family is at the heart of what we love to discuss and on today's episode we share our beloved holiday food traditions. 

I was raised in Alaska and my food traditions are often revolved around salmon. We ate smoked salmon dip with cream cheese, mayo, and ritz crackers growing up and even today, those flavors feel like home. 

My in-laws family eat chicken and wild rice soup each Christmas Eve. It's such a family favorite that if my mother in law ever tries to make anything different, there is outright mutiny. 

Another favorite is homemade hard candies with flavors of cinnamon, clove and anise.

I'm is always the party MVP when I brings my spicy pepper jellies to holiday get togethers.

Jenny recalled family rolls; in her family, her Gram made the rolls for years and now, her sister and cousin make them too. 

Jenny's aunt used to make chocolate peanut butter balls and now, it hardly seems like Christmas without them. 

Jenny's mom always made homemade Kailua (a coffee liqueur) with instant coffee. Get the recipe here! The best part is that recipe takes only an hour! 

Both of us recalled the iconic jello salad - red, green, and white layers of nostalgia! 

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