Perfectly Preserved Podcast Ep 14 - Great gifts for the preserver in your life

This was such a fun episode to record because sometimes it's hard to justify purchases that don't seem "necessary" but make preserving food more wonderful.

We talk about lots of items that make preserving ENJOYABLE, EASIER, and BEAUTIFUL. A lot of items are listed, but these are a few of mine that I have affiliate links for. I earn a small commission for each purchase made, so thank you for purchasing! 

My Basic Canning Course here or Advanced Canning Course here 

Jenny's Canning for Beginners Ebook Bundle at 

pH tester from Thermoworks - here

Thermoworks thermometer - here

My favorite jar funnel - here

Be sure to check out Jenny's list over at for other links to specific items.

I hope this list helps you out this holiday season.

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