Perfectly Preserved Podcast Ep 12 - FAQ about Canning Vegetables, Fruit, and Meats

In this episode we are exploring frequently asked questions, these are tested, up to date answers, and our best tips for canning fruit, vegetables, and meat. 

1) It IS safe to can food without salt as it is a flavor booster and not necessary to prevent spoilage. 

2) It IS safe to can fruit without sugar. Sugar isn’t required for safety, but does boost color, texture, and flavor. 

3) Aspirin nor other medicines should be added to canning recipes. 

4) Canning low acid recipes like green beans requires the use of a pressure canner only; adding vinegar in moderate amounts does NOT make a water bath appropriate for canning low acid foods. Use only tested canning recipes. 

5) For best quality, pre-cook your veggies before canning. Raw packing may seem faster, but typically the quality is improved with pre-cooking. 

6) Corn, peas, and lima beans all expand during processing- pack loosely. 

7) Corn turns brown during processing sometimes due to caramelization; bring to temperature slowly to avoid. 

8) Canning is not recommended for summer squash and zucchini because the quality of these items is poor when canned and they aren’t appropriate for canning; the squashed pieces of squash create uneven heat distribution. 

9) Salsas in particular are rife with potential pitfalls; use a tested canning recipe for salsa canning. 

10) Giblets should never be canned with other chicken cuts as the giblets will give a terrible flavor to the rest of the chicken. 

11) You may pressure can meat without salt safely; however, it is an important flavor booster so consider adding it for flavor. 

12) Remove as much meat fat as possible before pressure canning to avoid the fat from inhibiting a seal as it will climb the jars during processing. 

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