Perfectly Preserved Podcast - Ep. 1 Canning Equipment Everyone Needs To Water Bath Can Safely At Home

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Sometimes it's easy to be overwhelmed with food preserving. You see people with gorgeous pantries brimming with home canned items and it can feel....unattainable.

It doesn't have to be that way. I'm here to share with you how simple and easy preserving can be. The tools were suggesting are the bare bones and we build from there.

The items you need to begin water bath canning at home include: 

1) A pan to cook your preserves in. This doesn’t have to be expensive but should be wide and shallow, especially for jam making. A saucepan is my favorite.

In this episode talk about our favorite products, which for me includes this Canning Funnel From PrepWorks. Use my affiliate code is CAN10 to receive a 10% discount.

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Join Anna Cash and Jenny Gomes in the Perfectly Preserved Podcast
Water bath canning equipment doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In this episode, Water Bath Canning Equipment, we’re explaining every item you need to start canning.

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