Don’t be discouraged if your garden doesn’t look perfect part two

I can’t stress this enough, start SMALL. Your tendency will be to rip up your entire front/back yard and put in a garden. REFRAIN. 🤣🤣

Do you want to guess how many different garden sites I had at my house before I settled on my front yard large garden?


Area one: I set up four (3X5’) garden boxes + soil in my first area. My family helped me haul some compost over and my husband built me the garden boxes. Things didn’t grow very well there because it didn’t have adequate sunlight or a watering system. My family was not excited when I suggested we find a better place to grow things...

Area two: This garden spot was against the side of my house and yet again didn’t get enough sun and my drip system didn’t work. Are you noticing a trend?

My oldest son said, “I feel like my whole life is moving dirt around for you Mom!” Tad dramatic, but possibly true.

The third time was the charm. I had just started the master gardener program and realized all the things I was doing wrong. SUN, SOIL TEST, WATER AUTOMATION. Bingo. I had it down.

So, my biggest piece of advice is to start SMALL.

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