Perfectly Preserved Podcast Ep 10 - Big bad botulism

Listen, I get it, botulism is a word that's thrown around in canning and it can be SCARY. But, given the right tools, information and recipes, you'll be on the right track to canning safely.
Food science and the extension offices that serve the public are here to do one thing. Provide you with tested and safe recipes to you can have peace of mind when you're preserving.
In this episode we break down what botulism is and how to avoid it. You'll want to listen and share this episode with all your canning friends!

In our episode we mention this YouTube video of a survivor of botulism poisoning. Watch it and see how easily all her mistakes can be avoided. 

Download the Free Acid and Canning Chart here.

Get the Thermoworks ph meter here

And the Thermoworks temperature pen here.

Listen to the Acid & Canning Episode here. 

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